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Do you want to make an reliable decision before you invest?

Then you have came to the right place! Whether you are a seller, buyer, tenant, or a landlord we offer a wide range of professional services including expert advice, proficient geographical knowledge, market leading expertise, and the latest facts and figures about The Dubai Real Estate Market! Buying real estate can sometimes be a very tricky and scary experience, not to mention it’s the biggest investment you will ever make! therefore we focus on guiding and advising you in every step of your journey to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

 Throughout our years of consistent hard work and proficient results, we have attained an exceptional reputation due to our professionalism, market knowledge, and talent. Our aim is to exceed your expectations by picking out the most suitable project in terms of location, quality, value for money, Returns on investment and capital appreciation potential.

About Us

Being realtors in Dubai has had its fair share of Ups and Downs. However, being a real estate couple creates a vital foundation necessary for the success our business.We are not any real estate agents, we are an ambitious family that are building bridges step-by step to reach our vision of financial freedom and provide nothing but the best for our family. With our love, passion, vision, and goals set in place, we are unstoppable, and our work is proficient and result oriented.

With our love, passion, vision, and goals set in place, we are unstoppable, and our work is proficient and result oriented. Being a Family ourselves, we enjoy every single second together and are extremely grateful to be able to wake up next to each other every day and be there to cater the needs of our beloved clients.

Not to mention spending each day together, exploring the infinite possibilities of real estate, and spending the time with the person we love most. During the last 19 months, we burnt bridges, reached new heights and had the toughest times. With the current unsettling situations in Europe, we saw a huge increase in the European investors’ demands.



Born and raised in Dubai, I am a Licensed real estate professional with in-depth knowledge of the Dubai Real Estate Market. Whether you want to buy a property, sell a property, or partner with a professional and expand, I will guide you through every step of the way.

What I love most about Real Estate is that it is truly a people business! It’s an amazing way to expand your circle and connect with people on a deeper level, understand their requirements and circumstances.

Yet, have the perfect knowledge and skillset to give them an outstanding experience and watch the look on their faces when they start smiling with astonishment as they finally find the perfect investment, their new dream home, and an agent that will make all the magic happen.


In this highly competitive market, I believe that with our core morals, values, integrity, and transparency we can truly excel. Having a positive and optimistic mindset is the true essence to keep my determination consistent. What I believe, continuous hard work and persistence will make us cross bridges and continuously reach higher levels of success.

Being born and raised in Germany, I have extensive knowledge and insights about the world market. My niche is the ability to provide and aid a full overview to you in regards to the differences between investing in Dubai and abroad including advantages, drawbacks, and privileges that will give you a clear Proficient customer service, honesty, and professionalism are the qualities I portray throughout my work. Are you interested in Dubai? Contact us and let’s show you what it feels like to have an investment, or your dream home! understanding of the bigger picture.

Proficient customer service, honesty, and professionalism are the qualities I portray throughout my work. Are you interested in Dubai? Contact us and let’s show you what it feels like to have an investment, or your dream home

Our Partner Company

Unique Properties pride themselves on being one of Dubai’s leading real estate agencies. established in 2008, Unique Properties helped thousands of people from all over the world find their dream home and benefit from the best real estate investments available on the market. From off-plan investments to key ready resale homes including luxury residences, we are a full-service agency offering unrivalled expertise, honest advice and exceptional customer service. their experienced multi-lingual team of professionals are passionate about property and finding you exactly what you’re looking for


In the pursuit of excellence, Unique Properties has received various achievements and recognitions from a number of major developers in the UAE. Our dedication and hardwork is the pinnacle to our success which has awarded us with the recognitions and accolades that we showcase under our name; and with this the pursuit continues to add more to our consortium.

Our Mission

Our mission lies in offering modernized services and aiding our beloved clients to find valuable solutions in relation to their real estate requirements. Whether you’re looking for an investment or your own home, our job is to locate the right project for you and to ensure your journey is as smooth and enjoyable as it can be with us!

Nonetheless, our initiative lies in making the world a better place by preventing hunger and malnutrition crises around the world. For every sale we make, a percentage of that sale goes into donations! Dedicated to fight malnutrition and poverty in street children and elderly.

Do you want to make a difference in this world? Click on our donations page now to donate and improve the quality of life in terms of families, education, and kids around the world. We believe that every family in this world deserves good food, a home, and education

Our Vission

Our vision is to make an actual difference recognized globally by contributing to a better quality of life, prevent poverty, and help all the families around the world.

Whether families that want to invest and gain capital appreciation and upgrade their lifestyle, or families that suffer from hunger, malnutrition, or seeking education.

In all our achieved results, we want to make a difference and be remembered.

Core Values

The Dubai Real Estate Couple believes that their core values are the centre of everything they do. Their values guide them through life and business dealings. Not to mention they are the direct impression of what the company stands for


We are honest people. Whether in our daily work and client dealings or in our personal life. Honesty is key.


Life and work is about creating long term relationships. Respecting one another and understanding our differences which creates a vital foundation for long-term business relationships.


Its only right to be fair. Therefore, being true, right, and fair are traits that make us unstoppable. All life and business dealings are conducted in a fair and just manner.


Ahh well, we are working together, for each other, for our families, and for the families around the world. We work hand in hand, grow together, and prosper to achieve our mission and vision.

Teamwork Commitment

To improve the quality of our life and the life of others, our success strongly relies on creating a network of satisfied clients that are happy with the services we provide.


We believe that Honesty is the best policy in life and business. Being transparent is a power trust builder and it allows us to forge stronger connections, engage in meaningful ways with others, maintain integrity in business dealings, and have better engagement with our community.

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